Welcome to Friendly Press

Practical, Accessible Materials. Friendly Press publishes and distributes educational materials that are practical, easy-to-use tools to help people understand and manage personal style differences. They require no special certification; they have proven useful especially when time and budgets are tight. All materials have been developed from the consulting practice of Susan K. Gilmore, PhD and Patrick W. Fraleigh, PhD.

A Guide Through Calm and Storm™. Professional people using these materials are able to assist individuals and groups quickly develop accurate pictures of themselves. They see their style strengths and how those strengths can become excessive, leading to trouble. They see the sometimes confusing ways people change in Calm and Storm conditions.

People Work Together. People experience the materials as respectful, fair and positive. When group members share style information early in their process, they very quickly begin to treat one another respectfully and positively, even if they have been at odds.

Focus on Individual Responsibility. Friendly Press materials maintain a steady focus on individuals assuming responsibility for themselves. People are encouraged to accept and manage their styles rather than change them. Individuals who understand and accept themselves and who responsibly manage themselves are able to bring out the best in others.