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The Friendly Style Profile™ for intimate partners 

... a guide through calm and storm™

Online PDF Interpretation Booklet and Online Questionnaire

Fast and accurate scoring, easy-to-see results, and no shipping charges … great for international locations. When the online FSP is ordered, a unique password is delivered via email within one business day for each copy ordered. The participant logs into the FSP website, enters the password, and answers the 20-item questionnaire. When finished, the person who filled out the questionnaire prints the results page and a copy is automatically emailed to the address where the passwords were delivered.

As part of the order, the person placing the order is authorized to download and reproduce as many copies of the PDF file, containing the 8 x 10, 64-page interpretation booklet, as passwords ordered.

Printed Interpretation Booklet and Online Questionnaire

A good fit when time is tight and professional materials are needed. Combines scoring speed and accuracy with the sharp quality of the printed, 64-page interpretation booklet. When the passwords are ordered, the printed booklets are shipped.