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The Friendly Style Profile™ Scorecard and Color Stickers Kit, 2007

Helps people see their style profiles at a glance by making color connections with the style names.

This kit uses four colors to present a complete Style Profile that helps some people more easily understand their own style as well as recognize the style differences of others. To fully appreciate each style we recommend using this kit with the Friendly Style Profile interpretation booklet. We would like to recognize Dr. Barbara Daté for her initial color work with the Friendly Style Profile and the many users who reported being helped by colors. Together they inspired us to create this kit.

Using the kit is easy. Each kit includes a one-page discussion of Color Connections for the Friendly Style Profile, one scorecard, eight color stickers, and one shoestring used to wear the scorecard as a name tag.

After an individual has answered and scored the Friendly Style Profile, the person’s scores are written in the boxes at the bottom of the scorecard. Then, four color stickers are cut and placed to show the person’s profile in Calm conditions. Finally, the scorecard is turned over and the same is done for Storm conditions. A scissors and a felt tip marker are needed to complete the scorecard.

The kit can be used with all three Friendly Style Profiles -- for People at Work, Students, and Intimate Partners. 

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The Friendly Style Profile™ Scorecard and Color Stickers Kit, 2007

The Friendly Style Profile™ Scorecard and Color Stickers Kit, 2007

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