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Working With Style, 2005

Working with Style is designed for facilitators
working with individuals, teams, small and large groups
using the Friendly Style Profile™(FSP) to understand and appreciate style differences among people working together.

Working with Style includes:
Analyzing FSP scores. Guidelines for interpreting
subtle and obvious insights about a person's strengths
and vulnerablities in calm and storm conditions.

Working with groups. Extensive, step-by-step
instructions on presenting the FSP to a small or
large group for a minimum of 2 hours.

Working with individuals. Guidelines for using the
FSP to engage individuals in their own intervention process,
quickly and without defensiveness.

Managing style. Presents the 3 NEM2® MasterSkills
required to stay in the strength zone of style and return
quickly from style excesses. Facilitators can use these skills
to manage their own styles and to coach others.

The manual also includes teaching materials authorized for duplication.

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Working With Style, 2005

Working With Style, 2005

communication, team building, social intelligence coaching, dispute resolution, premarital counseling, marriage enrichment
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